What we believe in

We believe that bringing products into the world can have less of a negative impact on the evironnement than current practice.

This is why we use recycled PLA, produced by European spool manufacturers and print everything ourselves in the parisian region. Since recycling is not a perfect solution, we always try to print as less material as possible and upcycle other objects.


What we do

We create products by using 3D-printing technology. It allows more flexibility than traditional manufacturing methods that require molds, which means that we can produce personalized objects at a small scale, such as for the left-handed, for people with size constraint etc.


The team

We are four young designers based in Paris, willing to produce interesting objects as well
as repairing & improving existing objects

Team members

The founders

Emilie east

Mano east

Marie east

Anton east

Want to reach out?
contact@extrude.studio east

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